better apps that are then available include iRealSMS, the text-messaging app that Mr. Medenblik likes.

New York Times, November 25

Please note:

For easy purchasing on your iPhone start iRealSMS 3.0 and follow the purchasing dialog. (Your iPhone needs internet connectivity)

Step 1: Product

Please choose the product you want to purchase:

If you have purchased iRealSMS 2.0, iRealSMS 1.x or iRealQuickSMS you can purchase an update to iRealSMS 3.0.

Step 2: iPhone serial number

Enter your iPhone serial number:

You will find your iPhone serial number in the Settings app at General -> About or on the back of your iPhone. Please make sure you enter the correct serial number - there are no refunds due to wrong serial numbers! The serial number is case-sensitive! Characters are and have to be BIG/UPPERCASE! Sometimes it is hard to differ between certain characters e.g. 0 (zero) and O (capital o). For 12 digit serials the last digit is skipped.

Step 3: License Agreement

Step 4: Payment

iRealSMS 3.0 for iOS 6 Standard Edition (9.99 or ~12.99* $)

Pay via Paypal Direct Payment or from Paypal Account

(Pay with credit card - no PayPal account needed)

Reseller of iRealSMS in China 中国授权卖家 We have authorized Weipeng Gao as our exclusive reseller in China. Chinese users having difficulties to buy with PayPal, please visit the following link: 兹授权“法网柔情74”为iRealSMS中国唯一官方授权卖家。中国用户如无法通过PayPal购买,请访问如下链接购买:

* Depends on current US-Dollar to Euro currency rate.