iRealSMS 3.0

by SpiritOfLogic

„better apps that are then available include iRealSMS, the text-messaging app that Mr. Medenblik likes.”

New York Times, November 25

Want more from Messages app? This is real, professional texting.

Do you love your iPhone but hate the limited Messages app? Frustrated with missing basic functions that are available on most other cell phones? iRealSMS 3.0 fills the gap with Folders Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Templates, custom Signature, Forwarding, Full Text Searching of all Messages, etc., and then comes with features such as VoiceOut and VoiceControl for hands free incoming message interaction, QuickReply, QuickSend, Contact Pics, Smileys, Forward via Mail, Privacy Settings, Sent-Notifications, Password Lock, better Character/SMS Counter & much more! Use it as a FULL Messages app replacement or just take advantage of the QuickReply & QuickSend.

From the makers of iTouchSecure, PhotoAlbums+ and PwnTunes:
iRealSMS, Convenience... Optimized for your Lifestyle: iPhone - but with ALL features.

Now with NEW QR/QS designs!

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iOS 3.x - 4.x - 5.x AND 6.x

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